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 N70 with 2GB?

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Sir Aris

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PostSubject: N70 with 2GB?   Thu Dec 06, 2007 3:19 pm

Stores selling mobile phones and accessories are housing stupid staff. I've scoured the entire city looking for a 2GB MMC for my phone, but - to my dismay - all stores seemed to have discarded 2GB MMCs in their inventory.Their reason? They don't work even with N70 and N90 anyway. Really?
Ok, i must admit i wasn't fully certain at first. But - knowing how computers work - i just believed in my heart that a 2GB MMC should be alright in an N70, more than in any other non-s60v3 phone, because it has ample phone memory to support its use of a large secondary storage. Besides, 2GB is merely double the size of my old MMC, so i supposed that there won't be any significant difference.
Anyway, i finally found a 2GB MMC, but i was warned by the attendant that it might not work. What almost floored me, though, was its astronomical cost---- P1900. Nonetheless, i bought it and excitedly stuffed it in my phone.
Nowadays, i have hundreds of MP3s and several large (50+MB) videos in my new MMC, and my phone still works as perfectly as before. It wasn't a defiance of Physics, it just turned ourt that my theories were right after all. For those who sensed that i don't readily give tips, here's a rare advice: don't store your texts in your 2GB memory so it won't be slowed down by the phone's messaging application.
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N70 with 2GB?
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