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 S60v3 SUCKS

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Sir Aris

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PostSubject: S60v3 SUCKS   Thu Dec 06, 2007 2:52 pm

While we are all fascinated by the cam reso of today's newest Nokia phones, we fail to see their disadvantage against older models. For one, you can't install 3D games designed originally for the old NGAGE. These games are arguably among the best software written for mobile phones, yet you can't try them if you happened to be flaunting one of Nokia's new phones.
Huh? Bakit?
For starters, today's Nokia phones are embedded with the Symbian s60 3rd Edition (s60v3) OS, which is a completely different platform compared to the Symbian s60v2 of N70 and N90; and the s60v1 of 6600 and 7610. S60v3's structure is different from those of the older Symbian OSes, which means that programs written for the old Nokia phones are not compatible with today's Nokia phones.
At this point, the available software for s60v3 phones aren't too enticing. Most are J2ME programs with jagged graphics. Of course, eventually we will be seeing a deluge of great software for this new mobile platform. There is the upcoming release of Ngage 2.0, which will exhibit enhanced versions of the old Ngage games in s60v3 mode, so that means you can also play these games in an N95 or N93.
But as of today, i am still happy with my old yet trusted N70.
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PostSubject: Re: S60v3 SUCKS   Thu Dec 13, 2007 10:09 am

Wow. thanks for the information i just found here posted by you SIr Aris. i can see that you are really a mobile phone enthusiast. joke.

I am looking forward for more infos about mobility.
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